Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Book lovers rejoice! In the heart of our favorite little town sits Hopewell resident Bobbie Fishman's adorable, just-opened bookstore: THE BEAR AND THE BOOKS.

Bobbie is not only a book lover, but a connoisseur as well.  For many years she was the children's buyer and seller at Princeton's Micawber and Labyrinth bookstores.

There is something for children of all ages - and the young at heart - at this special spot. With classics galore, and new finds abound, THE BEAR AND THE BOOKS is Hopewell's latest gem.  Stop by the store at 45 West Broad Street.   Hours: Wednesday and Thursday, 10am-6pm; Friday and Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 11am-4pm. Phone: 609.466.1166.

IN HOPEWELL was lucky enough to have a quick "Q & A" with Bobbie to find out a little bit more about her latest venture...

IN HOPEWELL: What made you decide to open your own children's bookstore?
BOBBIE FISHMAN: Stories read to me as a child and, later, books that I read to myself felt powerful and wonderful; reading was a place of comfort for me.  Oddly, the awfulness of much that has been marketed for children in my lifetime made me want to be part of the culling process and influenced my wish to work with children's books as much as the good books did.  I wanted to make sure that children would be able to find good books.

Q: What is the origin of the name?
A:  The bear is the bear that was left in Micawber Books. It was hugged and dragged around and put to bed over the years by any number of children.  When I left Labyrinth, the bear followed me.  When I considered opening the store I realized the bear and the books were what would be inside: as they say in England, "It's what's in the tin."

Q: What is your favorite thing about Hopewell?
A:  I live in Hopewell and have for 30 years.  I've come to think of Hopewell as the place where New Jersey began to be beautiful for me.  I love the hills.  I love that the people of this town found a way to preserve so much land, and that so many of us walk in town and really do appreciate the places that have been saved for all of us to enjoy.  I love that so many children walk to school.  It is my town: that's why my store is here.
Q: What and who are your favorite children's books and authors?
A: I have many favorite books and writers.  Writers I most admire include: William Steig, Margaret Wise Brown, Deborah Wiles, David Almond, and Edward Ardizzone.  Books I love include: Amos and Boris (Steig) Cherries and Cherry Pits (Vera Williams) Many Moons ( James Thurber), and the Aurora County All-Stars (Deborah Wiles).

A huge welcome to Bobbie and THE BEAR AND THE BOOKS...we are so lucky to have you!